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South East Asia, Su Ko Thai Kingdom, Dharavati, thick lead ellipsoidal bullet, 15.4 gms (Mit# 5334 type)

Rs. 6000
Timurids, Silver, Shah Rukh ibn Timur (807-850 AH), AH 828 (Mit#1909)
Rs. 1200

Iran, Silver Kran, Nasir al Din Shah (KM# 824 type)

Rs. 500



India Government Mint, Supreme Court, Bombay mint, Presented to VIPs by the Mint.

Rs. 3500

50th Anniversary of India's Independence.

Rs. 1500



Reserve Bank of India, Rupees 1000, Type 8, Calcutta, George VI portrait at right, signed J. B. Taylor, (Jhun #8.1B). Very Fine.

Rs. 25000
Hyderabad State, Government issue, Rupees 1000, 1st issue, 1 Tir 1341, Hyder Nawaz Jung, (Jhun #12.1). Extremely Fine. Rare.
Rs. 35000

Sailana cash cupon, 1 Anna, 16 Annas = 1 Rupee, (Jhun #32.3), the last row in the sheet has one cupon (extreme right corner) that has an error. In the denominational panel on the right, the figure 1 is not printed. The serial number and denomination are on the reverse.


Rs. 22000


Bhopal, Prisoner of War Coupon, Rupees 5, (Jhun# 2.2A.7). UNC. Rare.

Rs. 30000

Portuguese India, Nova Goa, 4 Tangas, (Jhun #9.1) Very Fine.

Rs. 8000

Portuguese India, 30 Escudos, (Jhun #35.3), with two holes to denote cancellation otherwise Very fine+.

Rs. 4000

Portuguese India, 100 Escudos, (Jhun #37.1), with one hole to denote cancellation otherwise Very fine+.

Rs. 6000

Portuguese India, 30 Escudos, (Jhun #35.1), with one hole to denote cancellation otherwise Very fine+.

Rs. 28000

Post card, of British India coins, with a table explaining the foreign exchange of the 19th century.

Rs. 3000



Empress of India Medal, Silver 1877, the medal was issued to commemorate the proclamation of Queen Victoria as the Empress of India on 1st Jan 1877, Medal Yr. Bk# 292. Extra Fine with good luster.

Rs. 36000

Calcutta International Exhibition 1883-84, Queen Victoria AE about mint condition, with box

Rs. 6000

Albert Edward Prince of Wales Exhibition President, rev: Colonial and Indian Exhibition London 1886, designed by L.C. Wyon

Rs. 2200

Rai Sahib, George V, awarded to Gurdin Misra 1st January 1913, Medal Yr. Bk# 327. Extra Fine with good luster.


Rs. 20000


Bombay Western India Football Association, rev: Harwood League, Division III, Winners 1943

Rs. 2000

Bombay Provincial Hockey Association, rev: The Bombay Gold Cup Tournament, Runners -up, 1962,

Rs. 1500
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